Unconscious Mutterings – Wk 66

I say… you think… ?
This is a *free association* game!

  1. Vagina:: moist ((yes well… ok i wont justify myself!))
  2. Racism:: grrrrrrrrrr…. pissing me off like crazy
  3. Mother’s Day:: flowers, pink, spring
  4. Fire alarm:: annoyingly loud noise, waking up with a start
  5. Elvis:: funky hair
  6. Pregnant:: big tummy and a nice warm fuzzy feeling
  7. Vacation:: yes yes yes! relax and watch the world go round while you chill
  8. Waffles:: hot chocolate syrup and whipped cream mmmmmhh
  9. Perpendicular:: geometry, angles, alpha
  10. Hospital:: red cross, phenolic aroma…
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